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Lübeck game published by dlp games in 2009

We are residents of the lovely city of Lübeck, which sits on the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany. A great city, with thousands of tourists visiting each year, to see our gorgeous churches and medieval structures (notably the ubiquitous Holstentor).


The Holstentor circa 1930

Marienkirche also circa 1930. The Rathaus is in the foreground.

We are collectors of games which we have been doing since time immemorial. And, of course, we are game players. I happen to think that we are living in a Golden Age of board and card game design. Brilliant ideas are flourishing. We were always told that a good game of our era had to be of long duration if it was to be a 'real' game; Examples are 1829, Die Macher, Civilization, Diplomacy and Kingmaker. So, if a game could be played in under 2 hours, it was plainly not a game of skill.

Apart from the examples above, Avalon Hill published many 'long' games but, again, if Avalon Hill published it, it must be a good game was the general rule (there were 'turkeys' of course but in the main a keen collector of my vintage would expect to own every Avalon Hill game).

Those days are past. Apart from Acquire, Tyranno Ex and Kremlin, it is difficult to think of an Avalon Hill game that I would choose to play today so-to-speak. Old favourites have been eclipsed. For me, some AH titles were great in their day - Merchant of Venus, Dune, Rail Baron - I loved those games but now I have lots of games I love more. Today the components are usually wood, the graphics are superb, the length of the game is usually 120 minutes at most, all plusses in my opinion.

To give you some idea of our favourite games as in Spring 2013, we love to play:

Kingsburg, Colonia, Terra Mystica, Trajan, Burgund, Hawaii, Dominion, Runebound, Vegas, Lords of Waterdeep, Tzolk'in and the list goes on. Such a list will change every two months because new games come in or old Eurogames are rediscovered. You heard it here first, now is the Golden Age.

Our site is mainly about graphics and artists related to games. In addition, we are hoping to make a list of rules that are available to download (especially vintage games) so will prove useful should you buy a game in a charity shop and the rules are missing. And a separate page will list party game rules, not published games but more traditional. It is my intention that this service will provide practical aid for a budding host or hostess.

If you find the site useful or you just like the images on view, then we would ask you to make a small donation. More games must be bought to extend our repetoire of game images and we also have to look after the existing games. Even 1 Euro, Dollar or Pound will go a long way. Thank you.