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Cars are often on game boxes but they tend to be cars in sports, Formula 1, Rallying, Stock Car Racing, and so on. The humble family car is just not an attraction to buyers, at least that is what publishers think. But some have got through the 'net'. Spika Jumbo Piatnik Lehrmittel...
Game publishers have often used the circus as their theme, simply because it will attract children and attract parents who are buying a game for their offspring ("Oh! Johnny loves the circus, he will love this game"). Personally I am not a fan. Animals always seemed so sad to be performing every...
Old Maid is a 19th century creation and it seems to be popular all over the world. It is a game that someone loses rather than wins and you lose because you hold the Old Maid card after all the other cards have been paired off. The  Encyclopedia Britannica at the start of the 20th century described...
DOGS: Latin name Canis lupus familiaris Dogs have been domesticated for 15,000 years at least. They were of great help to the earliest hunter-gatherers and their use was spread world-wide. And now they are faithful pets more often than not. Their use in images related to card games is also...


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